Authenticity, Ambiguity, and Transformation

Emerging, reinventing, becoming.

I have always leant towards poly-materialism and the dynamism of mixed media. To continue this journey of discovery, I approach each new piece using materials and methods I cannot always fully control. I combine glazed and raw clay, stretch clays with distorted, punctured and pierced 'skin' across objects they will undoubtedly shrink and break around. I wait impatiently for work to return to me from the kiln; never quite knowing what to expect, other than the likelihood of it having altered fundamentally. I work similarly with paint, layering immiscible materials with oil and water-based paints so that there is an element of the work having a 'voice' - refusing to let me push or pull the colours in certain directions. The same lack of complete control is achieved in collaborations where I insist that collaborators feel comfortable to edit the work in the sense that it belongs to them for that period of time. Acting on the changes made is always something exciting and unexpected. My MA in Fine Art led me to appreciate these 'conversations' with the work as it emerges.

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